This is an archive of the 2012 Leeds Book Award website. The current version is here.

Leeds Book Awards

For more information about the Leeds Book Awards please contact:

Debbie Moody
Young People's Librarian, Library Headquarters
Bowcliffe Road, off Gibraltar Island Road
Hunslet, LEEDS
LS10 1HB
United Kingdom

Tel.: 0113 395 2337

E-Mail: deborah.moody(аt)


School Library Service
Foxcroft Close
United Kingdom

Tel.: 0113 214 4531

E-Mail: sls(аt)

Have Your Say

We are always on the lookout for books to include for the next Leeds Book Awards, so if you read anything in 2012 that you'd like to nominate for the Leeds Book Awards 2013 then we'd like to hear from you.

Nominations can be e-mailed to us at one of the addresses on the left.

Please remember to say which school you are from and who you are as well as which author/s and book/s you would like to nominate.