Alice Broadway,


Scholastic, 2017

ISBN 9781407172842

11-14 Shortlist 2018


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Who Wrote It?

Alice Broadway was born in 1980, the youngest of three sisters. She was raised in an evangelical Christian community not far from Oxford, before leaving the church in 2014. She moved to the north with her husband where she now lives with her three children. She began writing blogs which rekindled her dream of becoming an author. In 2013, she tried her hand at NaNoWriMoShort for National Novel Writing Month, this is an internet hub of budding writers who each spend the whole of November working on a book, from start to finish.

The novel became Ink, the first of the Skin Books Trilogy.

What's It About?

In Alice Broadway's debut YA novel, Ink, the first in a trilogy, people's lives are literally written on their skin, in the form of tattoos marking significant events. On their death, the person's skin is flayed and turned into a book of remembrance for their loved ones to keep. When Leora's father dies she discovers that his ink has been edited and his book is incomplete, meaning that he will be considered unworthy of being preserved - unless Leora can discover what really happened to him. Soon she is forced to question everything she once believed in, including the truth about the un-tattoed 'blanks' .

Fact File

All her family are artists

Loves the north

Ink is a debut novel

Alice likes Patrick Ness, Suzanne Collins, and Meg Rosoff among others

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Your Reviews

Hannah from King James's School:

I found that ink had an interesting view on an alternate society and liked how it made you believe that this sort of way of life could actually exist, yet I found the book didn't fully grasp me until near the end and by the time I had fully started to get into it the plot it finished. Overall though I found the book enjoyable and I am glad that I read it.

Hannah gave Ink 3 out of 5 and now plans to read The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare by Zillah Bethell.

Maria from Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School:

I loved this book because it has a very powerful message...It is really different from all the other books I have read.The story takes you on an emotional roller coaster.It was a gorgeous story.

Maria gave Ink 5 out of 5 and now plans to read Girls Can't Hit by T S Easton.

Anna from Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School:

I t was amazing.I enjoyed the book because it was very different from all the other books.It made you think about the power fullness of having ink marked on your skin and how it will stay there for ever...

Anna gave Ink 5 out of 5 and now plans to read The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare by Zillah Bethell.

Jem from King James's School:

I think that ink is very interesting as any event that makes you who you are is written onto your skin for all to see in the form of a tattoo. It also covers stereotypes and discrimination in the form of the marked and the blanks and their differences. Especially so when the main character - normally someone who dislikes the blanks - learns she is part of their group but by the end learns to embrace it. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a fantasy book.

Jem gave Ink 4 out of 5 and now plans to read The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare by Zillah Bethell.

Sam from King James's School:

I think Ink is an amazing story and I love how as I read it I can feel what the main character,Leora,is feeling and can understand her emotions. I felt extremely proud of her when she stood up for what she believed. She'd be a good role model for other girls. It took me a while to work out that 'inking' was a bit like their religion. I was happy after it was explained how it was part of their history but before it was a bit confusing. I am really glad this is the first book in a trilogy because I really enjoyed it and there were some questions left unanswered.

Sam gave Ink 5 out of 5 and now plans to read I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson.