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Who Wrote It?

Maria Farrer lives in a house in the middle of a field in Somerset with her husband, four daughters and a black Labrador. She used to live on a small farm in New Zealand with a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, two badly-behaved pigs and a budgie that sat on her head while she wrote. She trained as a speech therapist and teacher and later she completed an MA in Writing for Young People. Maria loves language and enjoys reading and writing books for children of all ages. Maria loves the outdoors, so when she is not writing she loves to walk, run, cycle, climb, and ski. She has a passion for hills and mountains.

What's It About?

PREPARE TO MEET THE WORLD'S MOST HELPFUL(ISH) POLAR BEAR. Arthur is understandably surprised when Mr P turns up at his door expecting to stay: Mr P is a huge polar bear with small black eyes, and long sharp teeth. Fortunately for Arthur and his family Mr P is polite and friendly and his stay as a guest brings about all sorts of changes for the better. Having to look after him makes Arthur see things differently while Mr P’s uncritical, tolerant presence is a calming influence on Arthur’s brother Liam, who finds it difficult to act the way others do. This is all mixed up in a funny, often surreal story about the challenges of managing a polar bear at school, and with a sub-plot concerning a tense football match. 

Fact File

Fact 1: Me and Mister P has also been nominated for the 2018 Carnegie Medal (a prestigious national children’s book award).

Fact 2: The next book in the Mister P series is called Ruby’s Star and will be published in June 2018.

Fact 3:Maria likes to ride her bike to the top of steep hills so she can hurtle back down again as fast as possible. She also loves mountains, snow and adventure and one day she dreams of going to the Arctic to see polar bears in the wild.

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lars from st. matthews c of e (aided) primary school leeds:

Me & Mr P is a very good book and the pictures are very funny and it is very heart-warming.

lars gave Me and Mister P 5 out of 5 and now plans to read The Incredible Dadventure by Dave Lowe.